Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DUH: Broiled Asparagus

I read some of these cookbooks and I go..."a recipe for TOAST?!?!? a recipe for a boiled egg?!?!?" (Yes, I'm talking to YOU Paltrow!)

This "recipe" falls into that category. So shoot me. I'm guilty. This is just too good, too easy to share. If it seems remedial to you, I get it.

and I will try and be a little more lenient with my censorious thoughts about Le Paltrow and the like from now on.

Absolutely delicious and flavorful on top of quinoa or rice for a simple meal, AND these travel really well for get togethers. i think people are generally overjoyed not to see another green salad on the buffet table.

TOO EASY2: Broiled Asparagus

1 bunch of asparagus, trimmed

olive oil
garlic salt
lemon pepper

Line a cookie sheet with foil and add enough olive oil to lightly cover it. Put your asparagus spears(they should NOT be wet)and roll them in the olive oil to coat. Arrange so that they all have a bit of air in between each spear.

Sprinkle lightly with garlic salt and lemon pepper.

NOTE: I use lemon pepper because REAL lemon tends to collect in the tips TOO MUCH and the balance just isn't as right as when you use the lemon pepper. If you use real lemon, squeeze on at the end of the cook time.

Broil for 4 minutes (or until the spear start to look sort of sparkly). Take kitchen tongs and gently reroll the spears again to even up the cooking.

Broil for another 2 minutes. *Don't take your eyes off them or you'll be sorry.

These will still be crunchy and fresh, and delightfully browned and gorgeous on the outside!