One family's trek into 10000 different tastes, needs, preferences and an ancient love for the BBQ meats. 
5 people who all eat differently.

I suspect this might be the case in many all across America now.

Let's get real. It's hard.

Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Low Fat BLAH BLAH BLAH. The MEAT and Potato are also King and Queen here ...and SUGAR is held quite dear. And 'HEALTH' food is expensive.

Who can afford this?

In this blog: We'll post our triumphs..... and also our failures. REVIEW recipes and products and...generally be HONEST about the juggling of 5 peoples dietary requirements while trying to satisfy their passions!!

Or at least get everyone eating at the same time.

But WHY!?!?!? I got really tired of seeing beautiful pictures of terrible food.I saw recipes being posted and pinned every day that no-one ever says boo it good or bad? Does it really come out looking that way? Do I have to use GARBANZO BEAN GLUTEN to make it!?!!??
Ok this is Tempeh. Good luck, I say to myself.

I felt my friends need not have to listen to my plight any longer...and my daughter announced on top of everything else, she wanted to be a vegetarian who leans toward vegan. Time to blog, I guess...