am I really doing this? 

the good 
the bad 
the ugly 
of one family trying to eat in 2014.

Lets see, We've got...5 people eating in this house, All different. In one meal we have to try and satisfy:

Meat lovers
Egg haters
Sugar lovers
Vegetarian/Vegan friendly
Carb lovers
One Insane picky person who eats nothing
Dairy haters
Salt lovers
and one lone Gluten Free hold out

...and we aim for LOW FAT

...and I try to keep the SUGAR & PROCESSED items to a dull roar
and lasty...We aren't RICH .

(Not too many trips to the mecca of healthy/expensive eating, WHOLE FOODS, for us.)

Heres what we'll post: 

Recipes we've tried from cookbooks/internet GOOD & BAD
Reviews of products we LIKED & HATED
And Musings on family eating life when we feel moved ...

This blog will be ugly, un-precise and honest.

Hopefully we can get some good information out there for families like us who are just doing their best.

(i'll try to get the girls to blog too, and maybe make this prettier as they are much better at HTML than I. Also I'm hoping some of my better at cooking and parenting friends will guest blog....for your sake.) 

I am neither a WRITER nor a CHEF,

but just a working mom who's trying to feed everyone at the same time.
(Or at least hit a few in one meal.)

Off to the grocery!