Sunday, March 23, 2014

OH YES : Easy Summer Rolls

Ok, I felt like a heel posting photos from the Internet of food that isn't actually mine. Like so...

But my summer rolls have been in the fridge for 24 hours and just look odd, as you can see below...

Trust me, they are still beyond delicious. 

(The point if this bog was to get a REAL world view if recipes and products, from a REAL struggling person who 
might or might not make pretty food)

I'm posting this recipe because it is SO great. So easy. And exceedingly malleable. Even calling it a recipe is sorta silly...
Rice wrappers or "Spring Roll Skin"

I typically fill with the ingredients below, But what stopping you from doing your own thing?:

OH YES : Easy Summer Rolls

Chicken or marinated tofu
Basil or mint
Shredded cabbage
Chopped Scallion
Thai Peanut sauce (store bought usually. Trader Joe's is the best. It's also super easy to make from scratch. I'm just lazy.  If you are obsessed with peanut sauce like I am you can have extra on hand to dip. Soy sauce would also work for dipping.)

First you buy rice paper wrappers which look like old LPs and are typically have an Asian brand. A lot of grocery stores have these in the international aisle. Here's an example:
Now these are tricky. They are very rigid when you pull them out. Be careful not to break it.

Have a empty large plate near you to assemble ingredients, and have everything you want in the roll cut lengthwise and at the ready. Once you start the wrapper sequence there's no goin back!

Next, You can either turn on your tap and run some hot water,or get a largish wide container and fill it with warm water.
While not earth friendly, I find the tap works best because you can keep the water temp right at very warm, but not hot.

Next wet the disk. My method is to hold it with both hands and gently spin it under the water vertically, so the water is washing down over the sides and into the sink. When it starts getting slick and about 50% softer than it was.. Let most of the water drip off ( a little us ok, it will be soaked into the wrapper, I promise.). It will get softer as it sits on the plate, don't fret...
Carefully lay the wrapper on your plate, flatly. 

Now, fill the roll so the ingredients lay in a nice line, and are NOT centered but a bit closer to one side (which is the side you'd start rolling from). Don't overfill....a couple of sprinkles of each ingredient should do it plus 4 or 5 drips of peanut sauce.

Roll it up like a burrito and make sure to fold in the sides before you are done rolling.

Gently place to the side on a different plate or something. It will feel very tenuous and delicate! If you manage not to break them, a short stint in the fridge will firm up the wrapper for easier eating.

Things to remember: 

You could fill with anything, shrimp would be grand!

Practice makes perfect with these, you get the hang of it much quicker than it seems.

These are ridiculously healthy and GF

They DO keep in the fridge for a couple days and are great for lunches, however the older they are the weirder they look.

Don't over fill. I know I keep saying it but, You'll be sorry. I think the wrapper should be able to be consumed in 5 bites...if that helps.

FAMILY TALLY: 4 out of 5 give this a huge thumbs up.

Family Tally: 3 if us love these!