Monday, March 24, 2014

CONFUSED: Kale Granola "Greenola" by New York Naturals

We like to trade foods here at the office. Most if us are in some sort of food restriction health kick. That's doesn't stop us from eating M&Ms...

Today F. Was "sweet" enough to bring me  some gluten free vegan granola.
 (I found this out later...
When he was going for said candy and I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow by offering him some of the snack he gave ME, he confessed he had tried it for breakfast with no success)

Raisin coconut "Greenola".

Yep it hits all the right buttons-vegan, green, gluten free etc

But it's just really odd. 
Massive chunks of dehydrated Kale with your average granola super stars thrown in. Its pretty much exactly like all the popular Kale chips, But in granola flavor. Nothing subtle here folks.

It's actually quite pretty and the ingredients are obviously high end.

At first I wanted to spit it out. Then....I wanted more. 
I resolved to not eat it ever again. Then I ate more, and was sorry. 

It's very confusing.

guess if you love kale, no matter what, this is for you. I personally cannot imagine inviting yoghurt to this particular party.

I think it's like putting broccoli in a cookie. We have to draw the line somewhere!!  But that's just me.

Family Tally: who are we kidding? I didn't bring it home. It would have gotten absolutely zero play there.